Homeowners Finding Creative Ways to Make These Spaces Comfortable

sometimes it’s the one place in the house where you can shut yourself away from stresses and distractions and just relax.

For many homeowners, bathrooms are personal sanctuaries. And today’s bathroom remodeling trends reflect that mindset. On a broad scale, homeowners these days want a modern look with clean lines.

Beyond that, they’re opting for durable materials, lighting and technologies that can make bathrooms more appealing home remodeling marietta ga , comfortable and, in some cases, fun. Here’s a closer look.

Increasing numbers of homeowners are removing their tubs and using the extra space to create larger, more luxurious showers with room for two.

And they’re asking their remodelers to build those spaces for comfort, beginning with their shower heads. Multiple heads are consistently popular because they give couples more choices, from wall showers to rain showers that produce a gentler spray.

Homeowners also are adding complex, built-in shower niches. These range from large shelf areas to decorative niches covered in tile mosaics that add a burst of color to otherwise neutral decors.

Homeowners are adding benches to the showers, too. One of the more popular options is a stainless steel and teakwood bench with a fold-down seat that double as storage spaces. The design also is a bit more ergonomic than traditional bench designs.

In fact, many popular shower features today are built with ergonomics, accessibility and safety in mind — without sacrificing visual appeal.

Curb-free, walk-in showers, for example, make the showers more accessible for every generation in the family, from toddlers to grandparents. They’re designed to prevent water from escaping beyond the shower area.

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