New Way Of Refilling Inkjet Cartridges For Your Inkjet Printer

As you may already know, refilling an ink cartridge can be a difficult task. Most people try inkjet printer refills once and simply give up because it is quite complicated and difficult to do right. But, there is a new method for refilling inkjet cartridges that has emerged – the gravity method. This method claims to make refilling ink cartridges easy for anyone.

The regular process of refilling an ink cartridge starts with purchasing a printer refill kit. These kits come with all the pieces you will need to refill your inkjet printer cartridges: the ink, a syringe, needles, latex gloves, and a set of instructions https://aiboooo.comĀ  . With these inkjet cartridge refill kits it is very import to follow every set of the instructions as any careless mistake can immediately end your chance at a successful refill.

The most crucial step is using the syringe and needle tip to inject the ink into empty inkjet cartridge. One must be very careful during this step as adding too much ink to the inkjet cartridge can create pressure and also bubbles inside the inkjet cartridges; which will inevitably lead to spotty printing on the sudden cessation of functionality of your printer.

The gravity method is quite similar to the regular method of refilling inkjet cartridges with the only difference being in the way you transfer the ink into the inkjet cartridge.

To do the gravity method you will need two syringes (We will refer to them as Syringe A and Syringe B for simplification purposes). To start you need to remove the plunger from Syringe A and insert Syringe A into the chamber of the inkjet cartridge you are refilling. Next you will need to inject the needle as far
back as possible into the spongy part of the cartridge – the one thing most printer refill kit instruction guides advise us to never do. After it is in you will then prop the cartridge up somewhere with Syringe A sticking out of it with its opening facing up.

Once you completed this you will then load Syringe B with the proper amount of ink and then fill Syringe A’s cavity with ink and then wait. While you are waiting you are free to do whatever you want. You will need to check back on the ink cartridge from time to time to see the progress. Eventually you will see that gravity has pulled the ink down from Cartridge A into the inkjet cartridge.

Believe it or not, the actual process of using the gravity method to refill your inkjet cartridges is even easier than explained here. I strongly urge you to try it out and think that you will agree the gravity method is the answer to your inkjet refilling problems.

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