What Kind Of Comforter To Use In Warmer Climates?

Nobody likes to wake up in the middle of the night shivering because their ordinary comforter isn’t doing its job. One would much rather wake up in a cloud of warmth and luxury. The cloudlike down comforter can be yours. Following are a few tips to consider before your shopping trip.


If the first factor that you are interested in is warmth, then it makes sense that you look at the fill power of a comforter. Fill power refers to how fluffy or lofty the down is. The higher the fill power, the more air is trapped and essentially the warmer the sleeper will be. As the fill power increases, the value of the down goes up considerably ComforterExpert . The typical fill power is approximately 500 and can reach as high as an 800 fill power, so the higher the fill power, the greater the loftiness and the better the insulation.

While considering fill power, also look at the type of fill. Essentially down and feathers come from two different birds, geese and ducks. Geese are larger birds, therefore they have bigger down clusters. It is generally found that the bigger the bird and the colder the climate, the larger the down cluster. This is important because the larger the down cluster, the higher the fill power. Goose down is considered a premium, but it’s also true that ducks contain good quality down and feathers.


Another important quality to consider is material. Although cotton is the most popular fabric used for comforters, due to its ability to easily wick away moisture throughout the night, silk is another popular option. Silk provides the sleeper with a night of luxury and comfort. While the down works as an insulator, silk works to keep a cool touch, providing the ultimate night’s sleep. Silk is easy on the eyes and skin, and the white fabric is sure to go with any d├ęcor making the number of design ideas seem endless.

Down comforters are great for different climates. Silk down comforters are perfect, luxurious options for warmer climates, but other down comforters provides the perfect amount of insulation for those in chillier climates.

Care and maintenance

In order to properly care for your silk comforter, we recommended that you have it dry cleaned because of the silk and cotton blend fabric that is used. It is also highly recommended, as with all comforters, that you invest in a duvet cover. The duvet cover offers protection against skin oils and makeup while also being an easier item to wash and care for.

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